Saturday, 12 September 2015

Storm in a Tea Cup

Hello everyone, wow twice in one week blogging! Had a lovely time at work yesterday so nice then you enjoy your job. 
Today I have another item that I have been making Pin Cushions in a Teacup.
I also make the decorated pins. This cup has also got a few biscuits just in case you're peckish.

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What is Decoden?

Hello all, well I have taken the plunge and started to sell my goodies at craft fairs.  The first one was a bit nerve racking but I really enjoyed it. My daughter has also joined in and has started making Decoden Phone Cases.. "Decoden, what is that? " Well its easier to show you then explain.

You use silicone piped through a piping tip and lots of  resin and clay cabochon's. On this one she has used a few Pokemon figures on the back of a clear phone case I think this one is for an iphone 5 .  Check out her etsy shop for more siliconed goodness.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Start of the School Year - Have a Heart

Hello everyone, hope we are all fine and well.  I have got to start updating my blog more often, there is always so much to do and so little time to complete it all. 
 Here in the UK it is the start of our new school year so we have lots of children starting the next journey in their learning. The first day is always the scariest.  I do think its worst for us Mum's. 

 I have a few things to show you today that I had posted on my Facebook page awhile ago, if anyone knows of an app that will post to all social media sites in one go please let me know. 

First thing I have to share with you guys are these pretty MDF hearts that I have been decorating and selling at craft fairs.  This one has one of the recipe cards from Lilli of the Valley.  Comes in a set of four (see those's ones later). 
I have used the mini tattered floral die set from Tim Holtz and the mover and shapers flowers too.  The flowers have been covered with glass glitter and adorned with pearls in the centre.  
Its finished off with a few wooden butterflies, raffia, string pearls and distressing.  
They can be hung on the wall too.   

Hope you enjoy I will be back later with lots more goodies to show you. 
I you like the look of this, you can find it on my Etsy Store

Enjoy the rest of the day, I off to work now after the long summer holidays. 
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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer Crafting haul 2015

Hi all at the weekend my daughter and I went to the Summer Crafting event that was held in Doncaster.  We had a wonderful time and wanted to show you all the gorgeous products I bought. 

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What are Stick Pins?

Lets talk about stick pins.  What are they? These little treasures are a smaller version of the traditional hat pin.  Hat pins are roughly 6" long and these stick pins are roughly 6 cm to 6.5 m long.  I have used smaller beads and embellishments so they are light weight making them idea for scrapbooking, card making and mini albums.  If you fancy treating yourself head on over to my website.  and taking a nosy at some of the ones I have on sale.  

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New Venture

Hello everyone, its me again.  Getting back into blogging slowly, its finding the time that is the hardest part.  Anyhoo I have some lovely things to showcase today and my new website that I'm in the process of getting ready. Go and take a look, I haven't got many things on sale yet still trying to get all my products uploaded.  

Here are some pictures of some of the items I have been making. 
These are mini altered dress forms that I have altered and decorated. This one is all about the Pink,, 

The flowers on the side are all handmade and sealed with natural bees wax.  

Hope you like them.  Check out my website or facebook for more variations.  

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